Religions in Kashmir

There are three major religions presents in Jammu and Kashmir state. In it Islam is most dominant in different parts of state. However, in terms of total population, Islam clearly dominates the Kashmir valley. In addition to that Hinduism and Buddhism also constitute a part of the religions in Kashmir. The followers of Buddhism inhabit the Ladakh area of state.

Muslims constitute more than 90% of the total population of Jammu and Kashmir. Even in Jammu, Kargil and some other districts. Both sects of Muslim Sunnis and Shias are residing in the state.

it is the second number of faith dominated in Kashmir valley. These are the mostly Kashmiri Pandits and Gujjars communities. Majority of the Kashmiri Pandits have migrated from the Kashmir valley because of the constant terror threat and are now present in a minority. Besides this many Gujjars got converted to Islam religion.

These communities occurs only in Ladakh region of Kashmir. Where it predominates. But In the main Kashmir valley, however, Buddhists are present least in counts.

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