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Amarnath Yatra Opening Dates for 2024 announced & 43 Days Yatra to open from 30th June 2024 till 11th of August 2024. Registration Opens on 30 June.

Ticket cost: 7,500 Per Person

Helicopter Ticket ( Neelgrath – Panchtarni – Neelgrath.)

Terms and Conditions for Helicopter Service

  1. Yatris will be required to produce a Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) for each passenger (Yatri), duly issued by Authorised Doctors/ Institutes as per instructions laid down by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB).
  2. Please note that No Yatri is allowed to board the Helicopter without first submitting the CHC and valid photo ID.
  3. Children below 13 years of age, elderly persons above the age of 75 years, and Ladies who are more than 6 weeks pregnant are not permitted to undertake the pilgrimage.
  4. You need to deposit the total amount in advance to the company’s account number.
  5. You need to provide us with a copy of the bank deposit slip once you deposit the amount.
  6. A confirmed Ticket will be mailed to you after the confirmation of the amount deposited in the company’s account.
  7. Full charges for children above 2 years & there is no charge for children below 2 years.
  8. The time given to the passengers would be the reporting time only and it should not be considered as flight timings.
  9. The minimum waiting period for passengers would be 2-3 hrs but it may exceed 3-4 hrs as per the ground situation such as weather conditions, time of refueling the helicopter, or non-availability of passengers on either side.
  10. Each Passenger may carry baggage not more than 2Kgs of weight in flight. Excess volume baggage would not be allowed on Helicopter flight
  11. Passenger Overweight charges will be levied beyond 80 Kg of weight subject to the company not losing a seat on the trip. This will be decided at the Helipad Office
  12. Cancellation charges will be charged subject to prior intimation about rescheduling well in advance.
  13. Weather plays a pivotal role in these areas of operation, In case of flights not taking place due to bad weather, or any other reasons beyond our control tickets will be refunded through the proper channels (bank transfer), Refunds can take a few days depending on the ground situation.

Following are the Documents Required For Booking

The Holy Cave is around 6 Kms from the Panjtarni Helipad. The Yatris traveling to Panjtarni by Helicopter will have to travel the distance on foot or Ponies / Dandies as may be available at Panjtarni.

Cancellation Policy Of Helicopter Tickets

Amarnath CaveIf the scheduled flight is canceled due to bad weather or technical reasons, the passenger would get the priority the next day {as per the aviation management, current situations, and previous rush}. All passengers have to collect the refund amount directly from the Helipad. Refund will be made by the Operators as per ticket printed price with as per cancellation policy.

We will not be responsible in case you do not get the refund from the aviation services, Due to lack of payment if Charter’s office advises you to put the cancellation stamp & sign in the Helicopter tickets {at Neelgarth/ Pahalgam Helipad/ Katra Helipad} by them to collect the refund from passenger’s travel agents, in this case, we can just process your refund request to the Charter’s office/ Authorized agents. Whenever we get the refund will forward it to the passengers. In case of any kind of delay in refund / Non-Payment by the aviation services, our company will not be liable for the same.  To claim the refund, we would require the original canceled tickets with stamp and sign {from Neelgarth/ Pahalgam Helipad and in Karta at Niharika Bhawan}. You have to mention the cancellation stamp & sign in your helicopter tickets.

Please carry the Required Certificate for Yatra.

1- Yatra Permit– Not required for Those who travel by Helicopter Registration Bank Branch

2 – Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) to be issued by anyone from the list of the state / UT-wise authorized doctors / Medical Institutions  – Doctor/ Medical Institution

3- Valid Photo IDs:- Valid Passport / Driving License / Election Card / PAN card / Photo ID issued by Govt. / PSU and School Photo ID

Please find attached the Amarnath Package with the Registration form and health certificate form.

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