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The Kashmiri population is a blend of people belonging to distinct races with different looks, dresses, food habits, customs, traditions, rituals, etc. Most of the Kashmiris are Muslims, followed by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Romans, Greeks, Persians, and Christians.

Kashmiri Pandits

Kashmiri Hindu (Kashmiri Pandits)

Among the Kashmiris, Kashmiri Pandits who are Hindus, are a progressive community, scattered all over India. Kashmiri Pandits are amongst the original inhabitants of the valley. They used to dominate the region of Kashmir, at one point in time.

Most of the Kashmiri Pandits have recently forced the people of Kashmir to leave Kashmir due to a communal frenzy by the Muslim fundamentalists. Today, their population has been reduced to a minority in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muslims

Muslims are the dominant community in Kashmir about 90% of the population of Kashmir are Muslim. Muslims of both communities Siya and Sunni sects reside in the valley. Their main occupations include agriculture, sheep rearing, cattle rearing, and other cottage industries. Their art and craft are very famous.


Their lifestyle is semi-nomadic to nomadic. Some of them have settled down in agriculture, but the majority are primarily herdsmen. They are basically from Gujrat and Rajasthan and speak Gujari. Gujjar converted themselves to the Muslim faith. They live mostly in the hilly area of Kashmir and are generally herdsmen by occupation. Gujjars have notably Jewish features.

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