Kashmiri Architecture At A Glance

What is Kashmiri culture and heritage? I want to shed some light on these topics. Kashmiri Architecture At A Glance As we know culture and heritage are the backbones of every community of people or society. Today we have a post here that describes the Kashmiri architecture since ancient times. The tourists coming for their Kashmir valley tour should visit these […]

Is It Safe to Visit Kashmir Now?

Kashmir, the ‘paradise on earth’ beckons tourists despite the news of bloodshed, gunshots, and day-to-day terrorist activities taking place in the valley. The alluring charm of nature overpowers all fear and that’s the reason why people still make their way to this heavenly valley. If you wish to know how safe Kashmir is for you, read on… Tourists cannot resist […]

Hindi Movies Shot in Kashmir – Kashmir in Bollywood Films

The beautiful vale of Kashmir is not only a fond tourist attraction but is also dear to the heart of the many movie directors from Bollywood. A huge number of old and new movies were shot in Kashmir. ‘The heavenly beauty of Kashmir could echo perfectly the heavenly emotion of romance’-this very opinion actually urged them to shoot all the […]

Kashmiri Kangri – The Darling of Every Kashmiri in Winter

Kangri – The darling of every Kashmiri in winter, is a fire port, which gives warmth during calm, cloudy, and cold days of “Wandah” and “Shishur” seasons in the Kashmir valley. It has a special significance for Kashmiri, both rural and urbanites. The rural inhabitants, especially the farmers make use of the Kangri in and outside their dwellings i.e., they […]

Kashmir Valley – Its Location & Distinctive Features

Kashmir is a wide and vast valley between Mid Himalayan Mountains and looks like a square or a parallelogram in shape. According to KhawajaAzam, from the Eastern to the Western boundary it measures about 40 farsak (1 farsak = 18000 feet or 2.5 miles) in length and from the South to the North there is a difference of 7-8 farsaks. […]

Travelling tips for Leh Ladakh

Visit Leh-Ladhak and explore its natural scenic beauty. The remoteness of the region may make your journey difficult. So visit the region after gathering sufficient travelling tips. Read on to learn more. Ladakh is a beautiful amazing place that has lots of exotic cultural experiences, natural wonders and spiritual hot spots for the discerning tourists. However since Ladakh is new […]

Climate in Jammu and Kashmir

Climate is closely related to the topography of a region. Alberuni – the famous Arab geographer has described the climate of Kashmir in an accurate manner. He has the reason why the Kashmir valley does not receive monsoon rains. According to him, when the heavy clouds reach the southern mountains of Kashmir, the mountainsides strike against them, and the clouds […]

Leh Ladakh India – The Snow Desert of India

The capital of Ladakh, Leh is about 10 km northeast of the Indus at the exit of a fertile side valley. From the town down to the Indus, the landscape is almost completely barren. Leh (3505 meters) has a population of 8500 and a large military camp stands between the town and the airfield, which is also down towards the […]